Please close only a couple left will do another post later on

For sale and trade, please see trade list posted below. All prices are best offer and shipped, PayPal FF only. I can get more pics or video upon request, thank you for looking.

Motion YoYos all are mint with jars, and they’re all are matte finish.

Motion Perpetual purple $120 Sold
Motion Kinetic blue $105
Motion Accelerated green $105
Motion Centrifugal green $105
Motion Harmonic purple 105 traded
Motion Linear splash $70

OD SF SK Bluegrass nm $50 Sold
OD Gauntlet Hairband mint $60 sold
Od Rally clear nm one small crack $50 Sold
Hesh God Petri mint $70 Sold
Tmbr Morrow nm $60 sold
Hildy Brothers Azalea mint $50 sold
Spin Worthy (unsure on model) nm $50 Sold

Trades I’m looking for

One Drops
Saturday Markets of the following models
Rev, 1to1, Par Avion, Kuntosh, Küntosh 5000QV, VTwo, Virtuoso, Code1.

One Drop Krakens any coloway but specifically looking for following colorways
Eye of Cthulhu, Everscream, Wall of Flesh, Ice, King Slime, Pumpking, Stardust Dragon, Meowmere, Skeleton Prime, Snow, Corruption, Surface Grass, Nickle

One drop Intro Saturday Market or other splash

One drop Diorama any splash

One Drops
Parlay, Dingo, Project, Project 2, Marquis
(Any colorways)

Any models in No Rug colorway

Markmont MCMO Saturday Market

Doc Pop Day Tripper Saturday Market

Sudo any colorway

G2 mini Banshee any colorway
G2 mini Covenant any colorway

Spin Worthy
Button, Survivalist, or plastics



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The Linear, when did that get released? I can’t find any info on it.

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Official release date is next month. But some have been pre sold

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Oh alright
Thanks for the info!


Daily bump and updated trade list.

Bump price drops and updated trade list looking for mini banshee and covenant as well as Intro Saturday Market or other splash, any krakens, Sudo any colorway, any models on No Rug.

Please close most are gone will repost with whats left and updated trade list later.