Plastic Whip Help

I got the plastic whip down so i can land it like 95 percent of the time. Nine out of ten times it lands in a trapeze. The other time it lands as a braintwister mount. I am wondering which one it’s supposed to land as.


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yeah trapeez but the trapeez is with one hand so its not realy a trapez…

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It is a trapezez but the only way i see you could get it into a brain twister mount is if you do it backwards. ???

not really on topic, but double plastic whip is awesome. try it)

Double plastic whip? Explain.

well the same as you do double hook, double laceration. maybe i’m using the wrong term here?
you whip the string around the yoyo and catch yoyo in the string only on the second revolution.

it’s a trapezes crossed, basically a trapeze on one hand. it should be crossed