pictures for hippolovescereal

Here is the damage of the cascade:

You should PM things like this in the future. Host the images on Photobucket or Imageshack, then send a PM with image tags or a direct link. Better yet, put pictures in your BST thread so everyone can see the damage on your Cascade whenever they want.

I will do that next time, sorry.

It definitely isn’t a big deal or something you need to apologize for, but it is something that the moderators will remove in the future.

Honestly, the only way to learn about image hosting and forum etiquette is to be told about it, so don’t feel bad when people say, “that isn’t the way to do that”. 99% of the people on this forum are very kind and understanding, so almost every comment you read containing advice doesn’t have any negative emotions behind it.

Looks like a mere flesh wound…

Look at the sticky at the top of this section - Pictures?? How do you post them?! for details on posting pics.