Physics of Yo-yoing


Yo-yoing wouldn’t be much without Physics.

If you know the Phsysics behind a trick, post it here!

For example:

Eli Hops

When you dismount from a trapeze, the yo-yo will continue in a circular direction because of the forces acting on it. the yo-yo wants to continue in a horizontal direction, but the string is pull it inwards. This cause a diagonal resultant force. See the first picture below.

When you pull your hands together, it rids of the string’s force allowing for the yo-yo to travel in a straight direction. See second picture.


im considering doing my science fair project on yoyos


Three years ago, I did my Senior year of high school physics 2 project on the physics behind yoyo. It is mostly based on two concepts: gyroscopic stability and centripetal motion. Gyroscopic Stability is the force behind keeping the yoyo spinning in one direction no matter how you move it. it may tilt on one axes, but the yoyo will never rotate. centripetal motion is the directional concept behind a good bulk of the string tricks, such as eli hops as described above. research those two topics and you’ll understand it pretty quickly.