Phoenix reptile expo


I just got back from the Phoenix reptile expo and it was really cool. I’ve never seen so many different species in one room before. I didn’t plan on buying anything (because I only had ten bucks) but ended up getting a baby ball python with that ten.


That’s pretty awesome! One time I got to go to Missouri and I got to go to the city museum! Okay, that may not sound fun to you but now it will: The Missouri city Museum is not like any normal museum! You get to climb on the sculptures! How I’m describing it makes it sound not as fun as it really is!!! Look it up online, than you’ll see it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


Sounds fun to me! Getting to climb on the art sounds like a great time!


It sure is!


Interesting how long is the python? I’ve never owned a snake but I’ve always found them to be really cool.


Is 10 bucks a good deal for a python? Seems like it would be.


10 bucks is an amazing deal! They are $80 at petco but that’s a little over priced. She’s really young so she’s only about 10-12 inches but this species only gets about 5ft long.