PGM response

what kentaros fit a PGM on the nation

I’m not going to post the link from the nation, as we have it here on YYE, and I don’t even think they have it.

Also, if you want them, you can get them here:

You want the YYF K-Pad for Grind Machine

can you pm it to me,I really dont want to order from here as I am also ordering a skyline and dont want to pay 2 shipping rates

is it just me, or is the pgm a little too responsive? i dont mean like tug responsive…i mean like too much string = it shoot back to your hand…

no, not for me, maybe your bearing is messed up

its not too bad…just sometimes the string rolls up around the bearing when i slide it across, and it catches…

That means u either have

  • Sticky/Moist Hands
  • Sticky/Moist Strings
  • Bad String Tension

Change your string and it will be fine.