People at worlds: How does the 888 forever compare to the ti-vayder?

I know that there probably aren’t many people that can answer this question but the Indiegogo page says they were bringing the ti888 prototypes to WYYC for public testing. So if anyone has tried them both i’m just wondering on how you think they compare and perhaps which one you would buy. I got a summer job and trying to decide what to blow my fresh check on haha.



They’re nothing alike lol.


Huh. I thought there would be some similarity since they’re both relatively small organics

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I have not played neither. But IMO I like most the TiVayder:)

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That hubstack weight in the middle of the 888 will make it play totally different. 888 wont have the stability of the Vayder, but has the hub stacks for play. Two completely different play feels. Vayder will feel more modern competitive.

Haven’t played Ti 888 personally but I do have old school 888


888 is an organic, Walker/Vayder is a modified Organic. Different shapes, rim weight, size, like @bobafret mentioned the hubstacks are going to add to a different feel.

They are both yoyos, both titanium, both have a C bearing. That’s about as far as the similarities go.


I see. Thanks

Hubstacks are a big difference for sure. The “hits a sweet spot in size, overall dimensions, and shape” feeling is def similar but not the exact play, no.


I got to try it and it plays like an OG 888. But somehow it seems to play a little more stable for me. But, as always, your mileage may vary.