Pennsylvania players?


Are there any PA players? Any good clubs, stores? (I know there is contest soon). Also I’m in Pittsburgh PA, thanks!


I think Ky Zizan lives in Pittsburg…?


Ya I have heard that.

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Ky runs a yoyo club in Pittsburgh! It’d be really good to have more people. He has an account on here so, ask him about it.


I run a yoyo club in Ephrata. But that’s a good hike for ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you coming to PA states?
yys is in fairview. They’ve got a brick and mortar store.

7870 West Ridge Rd.
Unit 2
Fairview, PA 16415


I live in ny i come up to pa 1 to 2 times a year

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Mark Hayward from Duncan runs a juggling/skilltoy group called the Pittsburgh Show offs. It’s a pretty good time.


I’m acually planning on going! Also the yys store is interesting, But it’s a pretty long drive.


Where is it?