peakmyinterest is GOOD TO GO!!!

Just did a trade with Brandyn…peakmyinterest here on the boards…and it was sssssmooth as could be! Shipped immediately…yoyo as promised…and packed very well.

Thanks for the great transaction! Don’t hesitate to deal with Brandyn!


+1 to that. We did a trade, his yoyo arrived in about 48 hours. Mine actually got hung up somewhere along the line (showing as delivered but wasn’t delivered) and ended up worrying us both a bit that it had somehow disappeared but he was patient throughout the situation that neither of us could control and the yoyo finally got to him safely.

Nice guy, great communication. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with again.

Not related to this thread but have to say I was blown away to see your name on here Ride. I remember you having a pretty awesome collection and it’s nice to see you on here.

Can we just take a moment to marvel at his great username? ‘peakmyinterest’. It’s wonderful.

It really peaks my interest.

The brilliance of it is that the correct spelling is ‘pique’. But he misspelled it to play on the yoyo name ‘Peak’.

At least I hope that’s what happened. It’d really ruin my Friday to learn that was not his intent…

Oh really? I thought that that expression meant that it brought my interest to the peak, like to the peak of a mountain.

Well that’s technically correct. ‘Piqued my interest’ is to initially show interest in something. ‘Peaked my interest’ mean that your interest has been maxed out. But who really ever uses it that way?

Never actually noticed you guys commenting on my username til now!

That most certainly was my intent, so I promise I didn’t ruin your Friday. Thanks for the comments, hope to deal with you guys soon!

Always good to see some threads with positive trader feedback =) Almost makes up for all those threads about scammers and shonky traders.

Also, awesome pun is awesome!