Paypal questions

I am new to BST, and i was wondering, can i receive money if my paypal is connected only to a card? lets make up a scenario:

bob wants to buy item1 from CarlGs BST and pay by paypal.

CarlG has his paypal hooked up to plasticcard global.

can he receive the money by paypal? or does it need to be connected to a bank?

you don’t even need a card to receive money on paypal. it goes to your “paypal balance” which is virtual money basically. it’s a credit from paypal. you can get that money removed onto your bank account if you ever want to, but most transactions from paypal, stay on paypal. You can pay with eitehr the paypal balance or a credit card however.


Steve has a paypal and wants to receive money. he has his credit card on file but no bank account.

John sends steve 40$ through paypal from his credit card funding.

Steve receive 40$ into his paypal balance. the amount on his credit card/debit card stays unchanged.

is there a way to withdraw that money and put it onto the bank or something if only a card is attached?

Yes. You can have them send you a check or send it to your bank.