Paying WELL above MSRP for some throws!

tell me how much you want for your throw and i’ll consider it. doesn’t matter what the price is, give it to me and i’ll give it a thinkabout.

yoyos must be in 100% new condition. (no damage, no vibe.)

no trades, i’m hanging onto my current collection of beauties til the day i die and then some.

i live in canada. paypal only.

1. C bearing 2wei - either the blue or green one, but MUST be C bearing and 19mm pad model.
2. Saturday market Prescription - i know she’s rare, that’s why i’m willing to shell out for her.
3. Purple Silhouette - i know she’s NOT rare, so DON’T expect anything stupid for this one. unless this one IS rare for some reason, in which case, please let me know how and why, THEN give me your formerly stupid but now reasonable price for it.
4. Bassline 2 or Spectrum SE - rare oldbois, have wanted these for a while. Help an OG forum brother get one of these two.
5. OG Puffin or Wooly Marmot 2 - only looking for one of these in the 28 stories or black bip bop colourways.
6. Newest run EH - EHknown is preferred, but anything from the most recent run will do.
7. Raw 000 - i’ve been screwed over TWICE on this now, all i want is a smooth version of one of my favourite playing yoyos. i have one already that has one ding, has been polished, and vibes, that i’ll trade on top of a wad of bills, if you still want a 000 but need some money for something else.



I can get you every single one of those, Mint with the original packaging. It’ll only cost one million dollars :smirk:


Done. Who needs a fortune when you can have yoyos. CERTAINLY not any RESPECTABLE yoyo player…


To the top!

Pmd you

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