LF: Smooth Move, Chief

While I’m at, I’m looking for a Chief that plays great. Doesn’t have to be new, but it can’t have major damage that affects grinds. I have the luxury of time, so I’m not interested in paying anything close to retail for one of the most common yoyos of recent years. I don’t say that to be snyde, but just to not waste your time. :wink:

I have an orange format:C that I could trade for the right non-FG Chief. I’m happy to have a FG Chief as well, but I would prefer to straight-up buy it.

[pictures forthcoming… give me 5!]

Since I’m in Canada, the shipping for trades is either cheap and slow ($10) or very expensive ($25-30) for the US. Trades with another Canadian are ~$15 :o but I don’t mind. Just wanted you to be aware of the costs if you want to trade.

Hit me up, yo!

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