Pay It Forward: Rebellion Qilin

Yea but they are dumb expensive and there’s a chance you can get a fake. Not something you want to deal with.

I’ve seen them in the $150 range but the ones for $500 are definitely not worth


Arrived today:

Enjoying the little bit of time I’ve had with it so far.


101F in Riverside, CA. The Qilin heat.


Summer is over here in MA. I am jealous.

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Sad news… despite best efforts to only use the Qilin on grass or carpet, it took a tumble out of my bag in a parking lot. Two dings. As a result, I’m going to add a couple of PIF throws into the world. The questions being, which one(s) and should it/they go in with the Qilin or separately? These are a few I’m thinking about plus some others not immediately handy for the pic:


It’s all good bro. It was bound to happen. Maybe the uppercut?

Maybe a bi metal with it? KO?

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Qilin takes to the grand sea (in its mind).


Nice bro. How are you liking it?

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It’s perfect. I’m just getting to the Rollercoaster on the trick ladder, so which yo-yo I use doesn’t really matter that much within reason, but this is definitely in the easy to do everything I do category. I also love a yo-yo that will take pretty much any string without getting snaggy (it’s currently got OG Kitty Fat, which generally works well for me).


Sun is setting on the Qilin’s visit to CA. Who’s next?


Who wants the Qilin for a month or so? From the OP:

Keep it for a month and then ship it to the next person.

I will include an index card to keep track of where it has been. You are accepting responsibility to pay for shipping to the next person.

All I ask is you post a cool picture or a video of your favorite trick in the thread.

At the end of your month please also make a post in this thread to move it to the next person.


How did you like it?

It’s great. I’m spoiled too and it’s up there with the best. I wish the Rebellion brand was still around. Going to have to post a photo with some @BadWolfeCo strings and some other goodies that are going in with it once someone decides they want to spend Oct/Nov with it.

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I’ll take it


Heading to Alabama next: now a Qilin and a KO. Some new strings and pads to try out included for when needed/wanted.


Got the Qilin and knockout today!


I’ll snag it next !! I have a “Butcher by Rebellion” and it’s made me wanna try more throws from em.

I’ll add more strings and an additional Surprise to the next person after me :grin:

I’m in Sudbury,Ontario (Canada)

Did not expect to like the knockout so much. Probably my favorite out of the ones I’m trying


It’s great isn’t it? It’s pretty different, too.

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