Looking for Lilliputian • Grasshopper

Hi all.
I’m looking to buy a few dull, unexciting, and utterly mundane throws
which I’m calling…

The Bore Horsemen!!!

  1. YYR Sleipnir (Smoke Black or plain old Black)
  2. Rebellion Qilin (Black)
  3. Rebellion Lilliputian (…also Black)
  4. Duncan Grasshopper (You guessed it… Black)

Help me usher in the Yo-pocalypse!!



I got a Qilin. Imo it’s too heavy and not as good as some of my recent throws cough tiVayder cough
Even so, I’ve had it for a while and used to play it a bunch. I’ll post a picture of what it looks like now whenever I find it.


@SpyseaRice don’t leave me hanging man!

I did a great job of unreasonably putting it off for an unreasonable amount of time :expressionless:
Sorry about that! Here’s the picture of my NMTBS Qilin :wink:

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That’s “near mint to be safe”? Or was that just a joke?

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just a joke

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Erm… eh… the polished rims are a bit of issue as I’m looking for one that is solid black like my heart. :black_heart:

I know, I know… beggars and choosers and such. While I feel terrible about this – I absolutely certainly do 100% appreciate the effort put forth here – but my search must continue!!!

To be honest, I wasn’t really intending to sell given the state it’s in and what I put it through. I just thought it was neat that someone was looking for a Qilin and wanted to share 🙆

Lol. it’s cool, but when did this become Buy / Sell / Tantalize ?!? :wink: There are rules you know!


The law hasn’t caught me yet! :running_man:


:up: we go!

(Also, if you have one, you have to be willing to sell it. :laughing:)


I gotchu. NMTBS. PMed.


:up: One down, three to go.

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Sleipnir spotted… Vanquished!

Now, let’s find that Lilliputian… I know you’re out there…


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