FT: Spyy Ronin Looking for: CLYW


Looking to trade my purple Spyy Ronin. It’s pretty mint, with no visible dings or scuffs. This is a super smooth throw (Go figure, it’s a Spyy) and I love it, I’m just don’t throw it enough to keep it around and I’m in the market for a couple different throws to round out my CLYW collection. This is what I’m looking for:

Large bearing Basselope
Sasquatch (Ideally Rockabully edition, but I’m really not too picky)

Obviously the Ronin isn’t worth quite as some of those on my wants list, even in mint condition as this one is, and I would definitely throw in some cash to trade up. I’m open to all offers as far as that goes. If you’d rather just buy this one off me, offer up too. Thanks guys!

Update: Really looking for a Chief. I’m pretty much willing to pay for a Chief and throw this guy in to sweeten the deal, so if you’ve got a Chief just make an offer.










do u accept fools gold?


Depends on the throw, but I’ve had great experiences with Fool’s Gold stuff in the past so I don’t see why not.



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