Pay It Forward: Rebellion Qilin

Props to @craZivn for packaging ingenuity! Everything arrived today safe and sound.

Unfortunately, on my second throw one of the pads pulled away from the Qilin. I’ll pop in the Mowl pads that were in the box though and give these two a good chunk of the coming month. Looking forward to it!


Black Throw
Black Pads
Black String
Cadillac yeeaah


That’s why I put the black pads and string in there! Blackout.


Time to let these guys go! They are both fantastic and I really am upset that Rebellion stuff isn’t being produced. And the K.O. knocked my socks off! Would keep them longer but I don’t want to make extra trips to the post office, and the Inception is also going out.

Here’s a repeat of the rules so you don’t have to scroll up:

The next person to say “I’ll take it” HERE IN THIS THREAD (DM’s don’t count) will be the next to receive this smooth and powerful Rebellion Qilin and it’s faithful and rowdy companion, the YYF K.O.!

Contiguous U.S. states only please!

BUT HERE’S THE CATCH: You may only keep the yoyos for about a month. After that you will be responsible for posting another post in this thread similar to this one, and covering the shipping cost to send the yoyos to the next lucky recipient.

So post below and be the next destination for this traveling duo! Eternal knuckle-busting snags to the player who breaks the chain!


I’ll take it!.. them.


You got it!


I thought the KO was fantastic. The Qilin was very meh to me. I want to get the ko after trying it

I feel a bit selfish as I have 3 “pay it forward” yoyo’s in play. Inception, Qilin and KO.

Inception thread in here Pay It Forward Inception

I’ve only had about a day to play with Qilin and KO but I’ve got to say that ther’re both exceptional. Qilin is a bit to V for my liking but plays so so solid!! KO is another story. This thing is awesome. I cant believe it plays as good as it does at this pricepoint.

I’ll let everyone know when they’re ready to travel. Thanks to @Twohiii and @Lido for letting me hold these!!


Hello All!

Time for these 2 to travel. Both are excellent. I was so surprised by the KO! Love it. Qilin is a bit to “sharp” for my taste but does indeed play so well.

From the OP…
Keep it for a month and then ship it to the next person.
I will include an index card to keep track of where it has been. You are accepting responsibility to pay for shipping to the next person.
All I ask is you post a cool picture or a video of your favorite trick in the thread.
At the end of your month please also make a post in this thread to move it to the next person.


BUMP! Anyone want to give these 2 a try? They are both fantastic!

Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?

I’ll take them! Curious to try these

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@sergchz has claimed them! Nice.

Hey errybody,

Confirming that these two just magically showed up at my place. I’ll take care of them as best as possible and will see y’all again mid March!


It’s about that time of the month…

Who wants these two next? I’ll ship out on Saturday!


Missed it by ten minutes :sleepy:

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Hey, I never got to read Rad’s comment since he deleted it. Wanna take them?

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I’ll take emmmmm!!!


Just arrived safely in IL!!! Pay it Forward #shorts - YouTube


I think im gonna do a few of throws to pay it forward this sounds interesting