Paul Kerbel trick?


So in Paul Kerbel’s worlds performance he does a trick from around second 6 to second 15 and I am just obsessing over it, but I can not figure out how to do it. Please I need some help or some guidance, all I want to do is learn this trick. If someone could make a tutorial or explain what is happening it would be much appreciated.

Here is a link to the video.


You know how to get into the mount at 6 seconds? It’s just the yuuki spencer chopsticks thingy mount. You hop out the back, bring the yoyo over the top of the front of the formation, and land on the bottom string.


I do sadly do not know how to get into the mount. And what is that mount called?


What an awesome performance.


Oh, sorry, I just realized I’m thinking of the wrong mount. I can’t really think how to explain it. The slack is the string coming from your finger is pinched with the rest of your hand (like a jade whip), and you trapeze over the whip. That might give you some idea of what to do

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I found out how to do it. Yay


How on earth are you supposed to keep those triangles open?

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You put your hand in a fist. It’s super easy, ill send anyone a video through Instagram if you wanna learn it. I’ll dm it to you all


Yes please!


They can’t get closed. Once they’re closed you’re done. You start with the first string in the “ladder” on your dominant side, and the yoyo has to end up on your non-dominant hand.


I finally landed it, I found that once I get into the first mount I pinch the part where the jade whip and trapeze intersect with my throwhand thumb and index finger to keep that part from closing up when I do the first hop.


Can someone help me please. I have the mount down but I keep messing up on the flip into the trick. It keeps slipping off the string.

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Personally I don’t like Paul kerbels style. It’s to unoriginal for me.

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Everybody’s a critic.

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Unoriginal? Um, I think you mean ORiginal :wink:


Yes please, my instagram is @fransferm