patriot tut

whadya think?

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video is set to private…

good greif, again? really? wow… sigh… there. it works now

Well, the trick looks cool, did you invent it? And, too be honest, the tut wasn’t that great. I think it was mostly the cameras fault, it was so blurrey it was hard to see what you were doing. And the words need to stay up long enough to actually read them. I think the main thing was the camera though.

i agree with M2
the tut isnt as good as the trick its self

cool trick :smiley:

yah… this was mostly a test, seeing as this is my first on… the camera was really crappy, yah, my nice one was acting up. Yes i did make it up

I don’t think it’s the camera.
You need better lighting, go outside on a sunny day or in a brightly lit room.

OMG!!!you like reliant k.youre my new trick.the video was a little blury but i could see the whole thing fine.keep up the good work. ;D

i love reliant k. yeah… i normally do my vids outside, but it was raining and i was bored.