can you find parts like spacers and other parts at hardware stores

You can get washers at home depot and McMaster-Carr.Washers are used as spacers.(My dad told me)

Orings, washers (Spacers in yoyo language. :P), and maybe ball bearings can be sold at hardware stores.

Home depot has some thing, Lowe’s has some things, Ace has lots of thing, and any local hardware store probably has what you need.

You can probably find spacers and definitely O-Rings, but you would be better off buy something that is designed for your yoyo (because of the warranty…)

The sapcers will be better if they are made for the yoyo, but O-rings are exacly the same. (Unless they are silicone.)

WAIT!!! DON’T USE WASHERS IN YOUR BEARING SEAT!!! I did it with my Hitman, and now, they are TOTALLY stuck!

If they went in they can come out…

I bought nubs for yyf hubs at Menards, they are caps for wire shelves