Pankratz Customs Anodizing

Blue w/red splash should save you from any trouble :wink:

Yup. It spins when you throw it.

I mean is the coat special or feel special?

Looks like a matte smooth beadblast. Similar to the feel of a powdercoat is how I’d imagine it. Either way looks killer.

new anodizes coming today!

Check out my review Mullicabob's blast X England1414 custom ano. A quick review


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Amazing :slight_smile:

new anodize!

three new anodizes today

hey england how long would you say a anodize on average takes?

I can not wait to get my hands on my yoyos.


How much is this ano? This is my favorite one so far.

I think he said that this was the only one he was ever going to be able to do like this! ;D

WHAAA!?!? This is one the most beautiful works of ANO I have ever seen! I must get it once I save up for it.

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Just anodized my Macbook!

That looks awesome! My dad has the same one.

can u do an acid-wash with a splash?

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new anodizes!

Nice one!