Panda Joe's Dv888 review



Makes me want to play with mine :slight_smile:

Great review, thank you for the good quality input.

Good review! :smiley:

great review! you just helped me finally decide on my first metal.
awesome as usual

Nice review joe! :smiley:

Good reviews like this inspire me to steal money… er…I mean save up… yea that’s it save up. ::slight_smile:

That’s the most entertaining video review I’ve seen. :smiley:

Its comforting to know that other people get just as crazy about yoyos as I do. ;D

Dv888 was my first metal too; great yoyo great review.

I can tell you really liked it…

It’s weird. I have an X-ConVict then you have an X-ConVict. I have a PGM, you have a PGM. Now I have a dv888 and now you have a dv888. We have similar tastes in yo-yo’s. Great video review! can’t wait to see more from you!