Painting a FHZ

does anyone have xperience painting a clear FHZ with spraypaint? what are some tips, becaus eim next to clueless


Don’t do it. Spray paint isn’t very good out of the can. If you have a paint gun or whatever it’s called that would work better. Now I am no expert on the matter. Why don’t you PM ibanezcollector. He paints a bunch of yoyos.

Not 100% true. The color shifting paint I use is out of a can and if you spray it in light layers it comes out nice. Don’t rush it and it should come out fine. Just remember to tape off the yoyo first and hold the can back from the yoyo or it will run. Below are pix of throws I’ve painted w/ color shifting paint from a spray can.

That is true but a lot of people lay it out to thick not knowing how to use a spray can. At least my friends don’t know how.

The key to any mod, is take your time.

Thanks guys!