fhz painting


okay so im probly gonna pain meh fhz, i need to know to things though… please list some of the recommended paints to use and i heard that painting can cause vibe, im not to worried bout the vibe as long its not like super mega massive crazy uber vibe, thx


Really most spray paints works. just make sure you tape up around the edge so it doesn’t cause some vibe. It won’t be extremely insane crazy vibe, but it will be pretty shakey.
Like this pic i got from yyn


i know you dont use spray paint for a paint job like that, that splash is what im doing, i heard ppl use acrylic paints… but im not sure


Well use spray paint for the base and i am not sure what you use for the splash. i just made a solid one. You should pm minusmike because he mods fhz’s all the time



You don’t specifically need this brand, but this type of paint is good. I use it and Ghazi, the painter of that FHZ, uses it. Minusmike uses nail polish as far as I know.

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