pad recessed Alph

Just did this today, I only got one half done and it took about half an hour on the wood lathe, mainly because I needed to touch up the tools every few minutes to keep them sharp. I did some practice on a read/write head from a VCR (2nd and 3rd pics). I’m gonna do the other half tomorrow. Remember all this was done freehand on a wood lathe, not a metal lathe.

This was just a practice recess

This pic was practice for a possible chop of the alph, but im gonna need to make a draw bar before I do it.

I think the head from the VCR was a different aluminum because it cut ALOT easier and alot faster than the alph.

That takes some serious guts to do that on a wood lathe.

Now you are in with the big boys! Good Job!

thats very demoting… :-[

Only to you. What I meant is if he can do that on a wood lathe then he has an advantage over some with a metal lathe.

And he’s a mod, he can do what he wants. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

thats what i meant… but :sniff: you can just go off to you little club :sniff: :sniff: … and i’ll just stay here…:sniff: lol

If you wanna be in the “club” then start modding :wink:

twas a joke, why would i care if you take your lathes over too fresh’s big boy.

ummm what you just said makes absolutely no sense

does it make sense now?

“why would i are if you take your lathes over too fresh’s big boy”

the sentence above makes no sense whatsoever so lets both just stop cluttering up the thread

Adding a “c” before “are” is hard yes.

and how exactly am I supposed to know thats what he’s trying to say?

maybe if people read what they wrote before posting it we wouldn’t have this problem


I do agree that the mistake was hilarious and dumb at the same time. But drawing that line wasn’t too hard.

oh thanks…