Pacific Northwest Regional yoyo contest

Who’s going. Does it cost $ to get in. Is it locals or pros. I am super excited to go as this will be my first yoyo event/function. Just can’t find any details other than last years results.

Post what you know about it.

I’m trying to go, but I need dates and times first. I can’t waste time driving so I am booking airfare and maybe a rental car.

Cost to get in is most likely free. Participation will have entry fees. Event is open to the public. Anyone who can pay an entrance fee can compete.

At least that’s how CalStates is run. BAC is very similar.

I found on northwest it’s February 21 & 22. Starts at 5pm on the 21st and end at 5pm on the 22nd.

Free to compete I believe. At least I wasn’t charged and I competed in 4 styles.