Oxy Io vs C3 Glitter

Been a while since I’ve been indecisive!

Between the Io,and Glitter what do you guys think?
I do love my Oxy Ti 9.06 and i do wish it was lighter, and the Io seems like that’s perfect

But the glitter is similar to a smaller Berserker, and seems less wonky without the weight ring

Any suggestions?

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Glitter for sure. Solid, fast, and stable. Plays almost like a Berserker, but smaller, and a bit wide for 54mm in diameter.

I found the Glitter to be one of C3s more underwhelming throws. Played fine but wasn’t nearly as stable as most of their stuff that I’ve tried. It’s not nearly as good as the Berserker IMHO

Haven’t played the Io so can’t comment on it.

Oxy io it is then!