Overwatch anyone?

(Ethan Phelps) #1

Anyone else play overwatch, if so, who is your main?


maybe ill be tracer

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(Ethan Phelps) #3

Lol then I’ll be widowmaker (or Hanzo)


Winston. I have gold gun.


I also have a poster in my room

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(Justin ) #6

Moira main here!

(Ethan Phelps) #7

I’m a widow and honzo main, it was not just for the joke

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(Jacob Waugh) #8

If I did play I would main Orisa, but I don’t play. : I


I used to play years ago (right after release) - I had a main in every discipline.

Genji for attack, Hanzo for defense , Zarya for tank, and Zenyatta for heals.
I was never picky about who I played, I usually just filled in the last spot with whatever was needed.

After about a year of playing I sold my copy due to the fact that heroes were/are susceptible to being nerfed/buffed at the will of the PTR community…AKA completely destroying a character.

Not only that but 6v6 is too intense in a team sense. If you even have ONE bimbo teammate that’s not doing their job correctly/sufficiently that usually costed you the game. Too much variability/reliance on others.

I’d rather just yoyo these days instead of getting salty over some idiot with a negative K/D dragging my rank down


This is true of ALL games that do 5v5 or less. Each player becomes critical, so too often having one bad teammate ruins the game. That is why I prefer 16 v 16 or even better 32 v 32. Statistically there will be “enough” noobs to balance out on each side.


Big team battles are definitely super fun…4v4 is the classic number for me though (insert any iteration of Halo here) nothing like a good bite-sized team :slight_smile: