Overly complicated mounts/tricks:Dump- Inspired by Riccardo Fraolini, Petr Kavka

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Overly complicated mounts/tricks: Dump- Inspired by Riccardo Fraolini, Petr Kavka, Ryan Gee, Shyguy
Is the full Title haha!

Anywho, Enjoy this insane contemplation of my most insane tricks/ mounts.
I forgot 1 trick, but that can be in the next Dump video. :slight_smile:


Holy mother of round things on a string. Mind= :o

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I take it, that you enjoyed? :smiley:


Cool stuff! =)


Some slick moves in there!


Yes thatโ€™s a great vid!


Man, your tricks and style really is getting weird and unorthodox xD

That trick at :30 was awesome though :o

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Told ya so! That was the trick I was tellin ya about!
Also, Hopefully I can reallly smooth some of these out, super clean.
These tricks are so hard. My tricks are so weird now xD

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That was some cool stuff in there. Btw, I kind of was experimenting with tricks in that last combo a while ago.

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