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Thank you!!! Russia now has the last warm days(


Great video, nice flow to the combos.

Canada also having its last warm days (Unless you live in Vancouver or surrounding…).


Thnk u!!
Unfortunately, in Russia there are no cool cities like Vancouver or surrounding(=


youtube version!!


why are all the bottoms of the trees white?


The dog pee bleached them all over time.



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For some reason European yoyoers seem so much better than U.S yoyoers. I think maybe because you guys are influenced by a more diverse (style wise) group of people. Vashek, Tomas, really anyone on SLUSNY, Plamek, Gacek, Krizstian. All of them have very different and amazing styles.

All the big name U.S yoyoers seem kind of the same to me. Well, except Zach Gormley and Jason Lee. Those two are on their own level.

Anyways, that was a very good video! Keep it up!


Great chilled video. Subscribed!



well done


Niceeeee :))))

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I enjoyed the smoothness, combos, and everything about this masterpiece. ;D definitely deserves credit.

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Nice yo-yoing. The video is done well too. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks a lot!!!