Hey guys just wanted to say i have an awesome time at Ohio states and i hope you did too, if you were there. I would also like to thank Steve Brown for the awesome after party at his house, and the awesome judges Judges

Head Judge – Augie Fash

Freestyle Judge – Jumario Simmons

Sport Ladder Judge – Connor Scholten

2014 Results
Full results are in for the 2014 Ohio State YoYo Contest, and Chandler Steele held on to his title of Ohio State YoYo Champion! Chandler was once again the highest-placing Ohio resident in the 1A Freestyle Division, and took 2nd Place overall!

If you want to see the full results there on one ohioyoyo.com and here is the link to that page: http://ohioyoyo.com/?page_id=255

Thanks for reading, skatingyoyoman