ordered my Albatross today... anyone else?

So I ordered my Albatross today… just curious if anyone else has, or maybe waiting for the YYE colorways? Which did you order (or going to)?

No money. Otherwise, if they are available, I will when the funds arrive. My garage door broke, I have to replace a gear set or else the entire motor assembly.

Totally stinks when that happens… I recently got a little screen printing job, had the money… grabbed the Mystic (purple/blue acid wash)… it was a toss-up; I like the blue splash over on HSYY, the Acid Washes on G2, and the shots of the ones coming to YYE look hot, too. In most cases I settle on one colorway (like my blue chief with orange speckles - it’s the one I wanted, and got)… but this is the first time I would actually walk away with 4 or 5 of the same throw (if I were a rich man). They are so sweet!

borealis sold out before I got a chance to get one. So I’ll probably wait until they come to another shop with different colourways

I eyeballed the Borealis for a moment (I think it only started out with 3 available)… the Slimmer is pretty sick, love the name…

YYE is getting some sick clear and splash combos… I have to say they give some of CLYW’s colorways a run for the money

Got the cool waters one but I agree all the colors look really good. Might have to get another color. We will see how it plays but I’m thinking it’s going to be good.

Thank you all for you support. I can’t wait until you play them!

Turtle you ordered in the first 10 seconds the store was open, and we didn’t even announce when we were dropping LOL

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I would have been faster, but that slimmer and boreallis kept me looking and second guessing myself…

I’m really thinking about picking one of these up.

Any ETA to YYE?

They havnt set a drop time yet. It shouldn’t be long though.

I’ll be honest, I really want to get one as a means of supporting my fellow OD teammate Brett as well as Jacob. Guys are doing great things. The throw itself seems to combine both aspects of a casual fun type of a throw with a serious competitor type of throw. Love the OG curves with the combining style of the step up.


Do you get wafers with it?

I would but I recently bought a few new throws so none for me now…

My check came in. I ordered one. The silver with the blue splash.

New brand. New yoyo. First Run. Sweet!

I can’t wait to try these out.

The cool water, or blue/silver acid wash with blue splash was one of my favorites. Looks really great in person.

For me, it was a no brainer.

Silver? Favorite metal color. My wedding ring is platinum, so hence same basic color.

Favorite normal color is blue.


I left a nice note on the Paypal instructions. Hopefully, many good years of success with G-Squared ad can’t wait to see if you come up with more models or become another boutique power-house like CLYW and One Drop. I think there’s serious potential in there!

For those of you that have gotten your albatross in, how are you liking them?

I’ll post up tomorrow. Mine is sitting in West Sacramento, which means I’ll have mine during my regular mail delivery on Monday. I can’t wait!

Releasing tonight at yoyoexpert. Those colors are pretty cool.

I put up a review!

Mine landed on my doorstep on Monday. It’s a bit lighter than I normally prefer, but it’s got great balance. I wish I had more time to throw it! I’m also working on some new tricks in the YYE trick list so sometimes it’s best to go with the go-to yoyo for purposes of familiarity.