Orca and Scout colors

I can’t decide whether to get the Orca in iceberg or in sunrise kingdom. I currently have a Borealis in blizzard and thought that the Orca in iceberg might be too similar (although I love the color way).

While for the Scout, should I go for zip zap rap, harrison hurricane, or maiderade (I have yet to own any of these color ways before).

Thank you!

I would go with sunrise for the orca and maiderade for the scout.

Just pick what you like, other peoples opinion probably wont help much :slight_smile:

Personally, I would go with Iceberg and Maiderade. I have a Maiderade Orca and it is one of my all time most favorite color ways. If I could only choose one colorway but have all of the yoyos ever made in that colorway, I would pick Maiderade.

Does the maiderade look more like silver when spinning? Or teal?

I kinda like the way the iceberg look on the Orca, althought I don’t want it to be the same as my Borealis that’s in blizzard…

Definitely getting the Scout in maiderade :slight_smile:

Well, there is a picture of it spinning here.

But you probably saw that already. :wink:

I would say it is more like a silver with a slight blue/teal hue. It does not look overwhelmingly blue or teal, but more like a silvery teal/blue. It’s also somewhat dependent on the lighting.

It really just looks the same way it does when it’s not spinning, except you can’t see the blue splatter, and the teal splash is more even because its all blended together.

Since you’ve already decided on getting it you’ll know for yourself soon enough. It’s a beautiful color way and I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: