Optimal SS ring placement

Does SS ring rim placement matter in terms of achieving their goal of stability and power?

Like is there a difference between them being set on top of the rim, under it, or inset? I’d imagine it doesn’t matter and it’s just about the concentration of weight on the rim, but thought it was an interesting question.


Interesting question.

Yoyo design is still in experimental stages based on yoyo shape, so I imagine there is no clear answer as of yet. I think they still just experiment and go with whatever feels best at this point. I have yoyos with all 3 proposed types, and they play and respond in different ways, all being good for their design. I think that it should be clear by now (based on yoyoers perspectives) that there is no such thing as a “perfect” yoyo, so I don’t think you could ever properly answer this question.

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The question is based on very specific qualities though. I’m not asking what people prefer, I’m asking if any of them are better for achieving stability and power.

Like if someone said that organics are more stable and powerful than rim weighted bimetals, they’d just wrong. There’s no preference involved, it’s the characteristics the yo-yos have based on design choices.

I think even from a physics standpoint, the same nebulous opinion would apply. Something like an organic might benefit more from an inner rim weight, where a W shape might be better off with an inset weight distribution because of where the weight is added. I think that the benefit of each strategy is so dependent upon yoyo shape and base material weight distribution that the “ultimate” placement is too ambiguous to assign. Each strategy has yielded a bi-metal that has exceeded expectations at some point.

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Alright I can appreciate your perspective now that you’ve elaborated a little bit, that definitely makes sense.

Let’s get even more specific then with just one example.

If we’ve got a standard V shaped bimetal with a thin 7068 aluminum body and we’re trying to achieve maximum stability and spin time with our SS ring placement, would it actually make any difference which of the 3 placement options we went with? Or would it really just matter that there’s an extreme concentration of weight in the outer rim?

Describes my Musashi perfectly, and I love it. With a thin walled V, id think the most advantageous place to add more weight would be to the extreme rims, otherwise what is the point of introducing a denser metal? I haven’t played a V with inner wall distribution, so im really not entirely qualified to judge tbh. I imagine that it would increase stability, but decrease spin time (though often increased stability would lead to increased spin time). It might depend on what a player wants.

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Outer ring on the extreme edge is the best for spin and stability.


Outer ring is always best.
Weight should always be further away fromt the axle.

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Just to clarify as I’m not sure I got this across clearly enough, I’m not talking about Ss rings not on the rims vs on the rims, I’m specifically talking about the three different types of rim placements:

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Outer ring.


Outer ring is best.

But what about outer ring placement like Draupnir vs placement like Edolass or Oni? :thinking:


I like the whole edge to be ring, like the edge Beyond. Allllll SS

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This stuff is so crazy. The yo-yo equivalent of “can I get you some coffee with your cream?”

The body is less of a body and more of a base to put the rest of the yo-yo on.


I love that.


In a way, yeah. Aluminum for the catch/general size, steel for weight.

I think inner rings are maybe easier to design for, but more importantly, they leave the entire profile free of glossy, grabby steel, which makes them more forgiving of brief contact with fingers/hands/arms.

If you think of yo-yo design as a list of constraints to satisfy, rim weight is only one part of a very long list.

I’m an inner ring fan! Outer rings annoy me if they aren’t set back from the rim.