Opinions on the sOMEThING V


I really want/like this yoyo based on looks and specs, but I could find a review. Could someone tell me their thoughts or post/point me towards a review? Thanks.

(M.DeV1) #2

It plays nice but I just felt it was cheaply made. It was smooth and had a nice weight to it, but the spacers are just like Duncan spacers and the yoyo just dosen’t feel as solid as i wanted it to be. IMO you should just save the dollar and get a C3 Halo.


I’ve owned a Halo and I currently own a Sceptre. How did the V play?


I like the feel of the V. I own a Halo and love it and have played the sceptre, loved it and soon will own one as well. The V feels a bit more hollow and lighter then the C3 throws, not necisarilly cheaper. The caps on the V seem to get loose and rattle a bit, and I can’t get the bearing out… With that being said, I love the V! It plays awesome it’s smooth easy to catch and well worth it if you like plastic throws like I do.

Get it!