Opinions on new IYYF contest judging guidelines.

So, the IYYF announced that there are some new contest rule changes, and they took into effect a week or so ago… These can be viewed under the contests section of the IYYF website.


The IYYF is now allowing “player added difficulty” to boost a players scores. “Blindfolds, comically large gloves, entire full body mascot suits”, or anything that impacts a players ability to yoyo will now make each trick score a little more.

At first I didn’t like this change, but after seeing Makoto Nugamami’s East Japan Regional yoyo contest freestyle in a full spartan mascot suit, I was persuaded. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man move than fast while being so encumbered. It was a true display of skill and control over a yoyo.

Edit: worst April fools joke ever!

This seems really subjective.

And the rest of yoyo judging isn’t?

Haha, good point.

It kind of gives me a “circus act” feel. The large hand gloves or mascot costume ideas make me think of a giant Snoopy dog doing string tricks (or whatever walk-the-dog joke you can think of). There’s a certain cool factor vibe that I get when I watch someone who can command their throw to put me in a trance. I don’t get the same feeling from Snoopy. In fact, I just want to punch it. But those are MY issues. :wink:

EDIT: Sigh… did I just get burned? I’m obviously tired after a long April Fools day… :stuck_out_tongue: