I'm fed up with FAKE yoyo contests

Judge me by my performance. not the song I choose or the clothes I wear.

It all matters.

what contest did you go to?

Your performance has EVERYTHING to do with how you dress and what song you use. Seriously. If you coordinate with music amazingly, to a song you may not love as something you can’t coordinate with at all, what’s more impressive? It’s the difference between throwing TO the music and throwing with background noise. Your clothing is a big part too. Pretty much anything works if it isn’t vulgar, rude, and you aren’t sagging to your knees. Really, don’t come here to complain about the new score system. Personally I think it works quite well. I still like the old clicker method, but the new method works too. It considers all performance aspects. If you work hard on a preparing a true performance, it’s nice to have all of its components noticed. That’s my. 2cents.

They surely don’t care about that stuff at wyyc. Have you seen Hank Freeman’s clothe choice?

I thought he meant, sick of video contests, where someone is offering a prize for the best trick video. :-\

But his tricks and his music choice make up for it. I don’t see anything wrong with his clothes. He may not dress up specifically for the performance, but atleast he doesn’t look like a total bum. I mean he wears a t shirt and pants, what’s wrong with that? It wasn’t dirty or stained or anything.

You’re just jealous of my fabulous style


You’re just to fabulous for any of us to compete.

I guess I have to wonder what you are referring to when you say “FAKE yoyo contests”? I am not personally aware of any consequence pro or con in relationship to clothing. Obviously if you have on an article of clothing which has an obscene or vulgar imprint or is so scanty or hanging so low it exposes parts best left covered that’s a problem. Otherwise I am unaware of clothing having a positive or negative impact on scoring.

Music is another matter all together. One of the things I have seen repeatedly at contests is a contestant getting on stage and accompanying his routine with obnoxious or profane music. That is just not acceptable. I recently emceed a contest where before we began I made it extremely clear music containing profanity in the lyrics would not be tolerated. One contestant chose to use a song with such language and it had negative consequences on his score. (Perhaps you are that person, although I don’t believe so.)

Be more specific, what precisely has been your experience where you feel you have been discriminated against on the basis of these particulars?

EDIT: Let me be a bit more clear. The music did not change the score that was given for this thrower. This contestant placed forth overall which left them ineligible for any ribbons or the trophy anyway. However, had their score been higher and they had placed second or first their choice of music had resulted in disqualification anyway.

I am curious the same as Banjospins. What supports your statement that there has been any judging on the basis of music or clothing? I think it lends to a better discussion if we have an example of what you mean by that. :-\

Sounds like a frustrated rant to me. I hope the venting helped.

Why give him a score at all? I don’t care if you’re first or last place, a DQ is a DQ.


Yep if you want to win you gotta play by the rules! But then again if you don’t play by the rules you have an excuse for losing and you don’t have to admit someone beat you :wink: .

If your excuse for losing is that you couldn’t follow repeated and explicit instructions, you don’t deserve to admit someone beat you.

There is no need to exacerbate a situation which arose from a very difficult decision. This gentleman is an extremely proficient competitor whose performance was exceptional. What is acceptable and what is deemed objectionable is not always unequivocal and can vary with interpretation. Difference in venues can also have an impact on where lines will be drawn. I do not believe it was ever this participant’s intention to attempt to slip anything past anyone. It was just an unfortunate difference of opinion which was compounded by a complaint submitted by an audience member.

Again I wish to reiterate this entrant displayed skills worthy of everyone’s respect and commendation and I ardently object to any additional remarks which might contribute to any further degradation.

Oh, he’s super good? Better not enforce the rules that everyone else had to follow then.

That is an absolute misconstruction of what I said. The rules were enforced fully without deference to aptitude as you suggested. To insinuate otherwise shows a great deal of disrespect towards the judges and myself. What I did say is that it was never this contestants intent to belligerently show disrespect for the stated rules. The problem arose from conflicting perspectives of what would or would not be acceptable. Without having first-hand involvement in this situation and knowledge of it’s particulars it is inappropriate to take such a prejudicial stance with such adamancy.

From what I can tell if you think it may be against the rules, you probably should just move onto something you know won’t be. If you choose to skirt the line you may just step over it. Its true in nearly all aspects of life. I’m sure the person could have made a more solid choice on what was defently with in the rules and went with that instead. retrospect is a bummer sometimes.

Dude you have to follow the rules in a competition. There are no “buts” if you use a profanity song then you will be disqualified at some competitions that have those rules enforced. Even if you are the most amazing yoyoer and you think you can fly above the rules you wrong because several sponsored players have been disqualified as well.