Online yoyo contest

Ive been really wanting to do a yoyo contest but senes covid 19 smaller yoyo contest really haven’t happened much. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do one online. You would get to months and you would submit your video and it would be more judged on how good the performance was and done by pole. If we could get a real judge that would be nice but other wise by pole seems good.


The Scales Collective is a group who put on online yo-yo contests.

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There is the Scales online contest coming up soon deadline for submissions is the around the first week of September.

how do i join

From the linked site:

stay tuned for more updates on registration, freestyle submission, and more.

i cant find where you join on the web sight

Did you read my post? Try reading it again.


ow ok

i also got another friend in latin who does yoyo

scales online is coming up soon
(they also have a discord, but the invite isn’t working)

whats the discord called

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ill have to get an invite link, but its called “scales and friends”


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