Online club or fb etc for us old guys:)


Ok it seems no one want us ´mature` throwers in a chat or club. I know there is a heck of a lot of yoyoers between 21 to …Infinity. Anyone like the idea of a facebook or chat ? If so email me at rjas68@gmail.Com or look me up on facebook…User rich yo scales and we can get something going:)


I’m down for… I don’t know. Something. I’m on Facebook in a yoyo context. :wink:

Just posted this for the older folk, too:


I guess I’m classified as “old” since I’m 28… lol


Good idea! Im down!


(Waylon) #5

Whatsapp would be a cool place to have a running chat for us geezers. Plus, it works internationally. Media is easy to share, too.


I just turned twenty, still joining cause i enjoy conversing with many of you. That cool?