Oneplus One


I just got an invite! ;D


WUT? ???


Gratz, but the question is, will you buy it?


Lucky, lucky man.


what the heck are you guys talking about? ???


Just did, 64 gigabite version. No invites to give yet.


It’s a smart phone with a gimmick that you have to be invited to buy. You need to be invited by a current phone owner or you can enter their contests to win an invite. My guess is everybody who enters wins.


The only reason people want them is because theyre limited (and cheap) so there’s no way they’d do that.


Maybe I lead a sheltered life but I don’t call $300+ cheap.


For the specs.


Considering people pay for locked-down $500+ phones like an iPhone or Galaxy S5 (I’m sure that price isn’t totally accurate; if people don’t pay the price up-front, then you’re paying for it + some more over time), the OnePlus One is pretty decent.