OneDrop Cascade Old YoYoExpert Edition Price

So I recently got a OneDrop Cascade in it’s old YoyoExpert Paintjob (Yellow, Red, Black). I’m just curious if it is now somewhat more expensive (Or could be) due to the paintjob no longer being sold?

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Most One Drop colorways are in groups of 20-30… So in that respect to a collector who wants that particular one then maybe yes but in general no…

There are more splash colorways out than I can count of the Cascade that they all kinda are the same in “rareness” which means they are all the same and not very rare at all…


Not really, you can at most charge $5 more. Retired colorways don’t usually add to value. Many times, people will add more based on if they like the colorway or not, not dependent on rarity.