One of the best days yet for me.


First off happy 4th everyone! And second of all at a party we went to my brother saw 2 of his old friends (there identical twins)… Then I found out that there older brother used to Yoyo! It was really cool and the surprising thing was is that he tried my Di Base and practically did a ladder escape except he couldn’t get out of it… ;D that was really cool! Plus I found out when the MD state Yoyo contest was around he place 3rd overall in 1a in 2005! That’s really impressive. Anyways now cause of me he wants to get back into yo-yoing! This is awesome! Oh and side note I rode a mechanical bull today!


The question everyone wants to know is:

How long did you last on the mechanical bull? :wink:

Seriously, though: cool day, Abby! Your love of yoyo is infectious.


You know what would make the day better?


uh it wasn’t long I will be posting it on my YouTube soon of my siblings and I on the mechanical bull it was tons of fun!
EDIT: heres my siblings and i on the mechanical bull



I can do Ladder escape on a Stock Duncan Mosquito / Bumblebee. :wink:




That’s awesome abby. Happy to hear that you had such a great day.


It’s always cool meeting a real yo-yoer in person.


hey thanks hope all of you had a happy 4th too!