One In The Chamber


It’s been awhile guys but here’s my latest video! All feedback,likes,subscriptions,etc. would be greatly appreciated!  :slight_smile: WATCH IN 1080p!


very nice stuff! good to see another Illinois thrower. what part of Illinois are you from?


South Suburbs of Chicago


Waitasec… there was a second throw at 0:46!

About those pads… LOL!

Man, some really great tricks in there. Good luck at Ill States!


Thanks! Lol ya you caught me, i just trying to perform that guy wright bind rejection GT a little smoother. Pads are perfect was just getting some extra string hits :wink:


you have some awesome talent! I’ll be at IL state this year being from the northwest suburbs ill be rooting for you


Thanks Man! This is just teaser footage to, have some decent ideas thats need polishing and I’ll be going to worlds and the triple crown if you want to meet in person


Awesome! How long have you been throwing?


Thanks dude, around 2yrs


yeah I think I’ll be going to both this year. Have you ever gone to chicago yoyo club?

(Owen) #11


good stuff man, cant wait to see the full version (you said this was a teaser right?)


Yup, the full video will be up this coming month only a yyj diamondback will be in the triggers place


yup, I’ll be there next month because I’m done with high school, you should go their’s good turnouts and its always fun


I’ve gone to the past couple just sadly missed last months but will be at the next one for sure


Cool, Bump! If Ben Conde likes this hopefully you will to




Great job as always!


Thanks dude, your newest video was pretty good, lots of cool stuff, some of it just needs a little polishing, keep at it!