One Handed shooting star.

So I didn’t see much on this trick, and I was wondering if anyone else knows it/would like to. It’s pretty easy if you know plastic whip and shooting star already. :slight_smile: IT’s one of the more original tricks I know so I wanted to share!

Make a video for the funs

I would like to learn it!


Make a video.

Video will come up today!

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Looking forward to seeing the video.

Almost there

This is the best I could do. XP I know there were some mistakes, but I have to up grade software in the middle of it, download two programs and do 5 trials. XP Sorry! It was my first tutorial video and I plan on doing a better next time!!!

Couldn’t really see the star but I could follow all the instructions, maybe a little better quality but the tutorial itself is great :smiley:

BRO, this is a GOOD Concept Trick. You need to go back and rework your One Handed Stars, though…It is just a little off! Lol.

Apparently. But to be fair, this is where I learned it, 6 years ago. XD So I made an oops.

Yah, it looks like a One Handed Haley’s Comet… Those Cosmic Vids are alright, also. If you are just starting out they are great for starters, the first time I saw Haley’s Comet was in the 90’s on DUNCAN’s Arnie Dixon video. I learned it from there but never had thought of putting it into a One Handed rendition. The Plastic Whip is a cool added effect so you get my props for that! ;D

Thanks man. XD Yeah I don’t watch the cosmic videos, out grew them. XD Yeah’ll I’ll see if I can’t redo the trick and learn it right

I think I figured out how to do it right, and still do the plastic whip. XD It’ll be REALLY hard with shorter string though, but it’s possible now. XD I’ll try and get the new video up within the next couple days!