One Drop yoyo's


I’ve noticed that most of their yoyo’s have the interchangable side effect that jut out in the center.

Can you still do finger grinds with these? I’ve never owned one of their yoyo’s so I don’t know how any of them play. People seem to like them though.


Yeah you can do pretty decent off center finger spins


As long as the cup is wide enough…

Good luck on this but you could try to find a pair of rsms


I’d suggest throwing in a set of their Ultra Light Side Effects if you’re really into finger spins.


I can speak for the kuntosh, off center finger spins work well - the surface finish is very nice.


The Top Deck does them well enough.

But the Top Deck can do anything!


…except use Side Effects… :wink:


Mine might be able to now…


Doesn’t count, still won’t work, and what happened!?!?


I fell on it going down the stairs.
I’m actually using the purple half still and it works great. I was pretty surprised that it didn’t damage both sides.