One Drop YoYos Presents: Deeper State - Available in New Releases!


From OneDrop: The Deep State released almost three years ago. We wanted to have a One Drop yo-yo that was accessible to everyone to use without a bind. Since it was our first semi-responsive yo-yo, we weren’t sure how well it would be received and how much demand there would be. The Deep State has turned out to be one of our best selling models and still going strong. Because of that we decided to make a new version.

Deeper-State-Green Deeper-State-Green-2 Deeper-State-Green-3

One of the “weaknesses” of the Deep State is that doing modern 1A tricks can be really challenging. For anyone not used to responsiveness, 1A is going to be difficult, however, the narrow width and narrow gap also add to the challenge. For the Deeper State we wanted to improve this aspect so you’ll find it’s a little bigger in diameter and a fair bit bigger in width. Additionally the gap is narrow at the bottom of the catch zone to help with responsiveness, but unlike the Deep State, the top of the catch zone opens up wide. These features make it easier to land string tricks and it’s more stable than the Deep State. Even though it’s a bigger yo-yo, the overall weight is the same or lighter than the Deep State (depending on the Side Effects used). Don’t get us wrong, it’s still going to be challenging to hit your string tricks, but things are much improved in that regard.


This looks like a wonderful ECD yoyo! Just hope it stays in stock long enough for me to snag one after the holidays.

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One of my fav responsive yoyos

Deeper States are sweet. They’re like the Deep State, only…deeper…more full of obscure facts and profound, tortured personality




The Red/Blue/Yellow Acid looks a lot like the Saturday Market colorway, I went and ordered it😁




It is Saturday Market =]

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That explains it. :+1:

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