One Drop Y-Factor and Nickel Dingo-Both For $95!

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I’m only looking for cash right now. Thanks!
I have a green and blue One Drop Y-Factor for sale. I am asking $55 for it. It has a few marks, but those marks do not effect play whatsoever. The worst of the marks are pictured. No other marks really make it past the anodization. Comes with box.

Next, I have a Nickel Plated Dingo. This guy is mint and comes with the box. I am asking $55 as well for this one.

I will sell both of these together for $95. That’s a good deal, if you ask me.

I accept only paypal for payments and I will only ship within the United States. Prices includes shipping. With any purchase, I will also throw in a few Chaos 422 strings and a One Drop sticker for added bonuses! Thanks for looking!

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up it goes…


uh… not to “hurt the thread” or anything, but a nickel dingo is only 63 new…



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I will buy both of them for 90 dollars

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