FS: Pair of Loop 900s and a One Drop Dingo, along with some string



I’m getting rid of some yoyos I don’t use anymore. They’re oldies, but goodies.

One Drop Dingo. Really pocketable; you can pull it out anytime. It comes with a nice concavish bearing. Just about mint condition.
$60 obo

Next are a pair of YYF Loop 900s. I know, I know, they’re old. But hey, they still play great and are a nice set to play 2A with.

They both have a pair of flatspots and cracks around the tension screw. Other than that, there’s minimal damage.

Included is the YYE tension tool.
$10 obo[/s]

[s]Also, a stash of string. I believe the neon green is Blueprint, and the blue is YYE.
$5, or free with the Dingo

I’ll take $65 for the lot.

Shipping is not included. I’m not sure how much it is, but I’m located in Ohio if that’s any help.[/s]



I’ll take the dingo

(system) #3