One Drop Top Deck: A High Speed YoYo Review


After the recent releases of some incredible budget yo-yos One Drop has decided to focus their attention on one of their own with the release of their latest signature throw. This time it is JT Nickel’s time to shine with the release of the Top Deck. When it comes to signature yo-yos One Drop makes sure the team member is involved in every step of the process, either in person or virtually, in order to make it a true collaboration between the player and the company. For the Top Deck, JT wanted to focus on pure performance. He wanted an aluminum that pushed the material to the limits, similar to how the Citizen pushed titanium. In the end, they settled on 7075 aluminum alloy due to its density and strength properties. When it comes to reviews, I love reviewing signature yo-yos. If they are done correctly (i.e. a true collaboration with the player and the company) it is the closest we can get to see how the player thinks when it comes to throwing.

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another very nice review. I got to play one last week at yoyo school, and liked it, probably because it felt “familiar”. It wasn’t until I read your review that I realized you hit the nail on the head by comparing it to the Markmont. Classic, which is probably my favorite One Drop as well. Top Deck is definitely a fun yoyo, and likely one I will be adding to my collection.