One Drop, Tom Kuhn, PS3 Games FS/T

My main wants are $$$$$, General-Yo, vsNYYC, and CLYW (not Campfire)

MIB Black Orange Peel 54! Dead smooth, and AMAZING for grinding. Comes with stock side effects Looking to trade it for CLYW, vsNYYC, or General-Yo! No lowballs please
120 shipped

NMIB Tom Kuhn SB-2 (the gold one). I love it, and it’s really cool owning one of the first ball bearing yoyos ever made, but I think that a collector would appreciate it more than me. Comes with everything included in the box. One of the weight rings is torn :(. One TINY little scrape. Hardly can feel it. The little key to adjust the gap is bent a tiny bit too. No leather case

I have Smackdown vs Raw 2010, Warhawk, and Skate 2 for the PS3. All come in the original case and have no visible scratches. All of them play just fine.
25 shipped each, or 40 shipped for 2, 60 shipped for all 3

Prices as always are negotiable, but you must give me a reason why the price is not fair.

Anything cool

Pics are here:

NOTE: Most of the yoyos in my Flickr are GONE. Please stop offering on them. Thanks!