One Drop Rally Pad Questions - Merged

Do yoyofactory pads fit in the one drop rally and does the rally acept flowable silicone

The Rally, and current OneDrops, do allow the use of flowable silicone. The exception to this are the older Projects and M1s that have .555 pads.

Here is a comparison between Flow Groove and .555 pad One Drop yoyos, if you ever find yourself with an old OneDrop. This is an old thread about the changed M1, but has great comparison photos.

Regarding YYF K pads, no, they will not fit. While the inner and outer diameter are the same, OneDrop’s Flow Groove response recess is too deep for K pads to give the right level of response. You’re better off siliconing it yourself, or buying OneDrop’s Flow Groove pads.

I thought you said the rally does not accept flowable

I was wondering how deep the rallys response groove is.

I don’t have measurements. But it takes flow groove so I guarantee that it takes flow able.

It’s the standard One Drop response size. It’s 1.5-2 times thicker than standard 19mm pads.

That being said, it works very well with flowable silicone.

ID: .550"
OD: .770"
Depth: .075"

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I’m assuming d is for diameter.


The Rally can use flowable, but I would suggest you take a pin or needed or some other pointy object to scratch the inside of the response groove/recess if necessary, to help the flowable find places to flow into and stick/grip.

Otherwise, just use Flow Groove pads.